Crossroads of Life

The dilemma of choosing between what one feels and what is practical is tough. I just tried to and I did fall. But, then I know I need to get up and walk past it because there is no turning back in life. Sometimes you try to make the other person understand how you feel, why you did something, why you acted in a manner that you did. Still, you land up messing up maybe because you know in the long run that is what is good for everyone. I don’t know how many of you who are reading my post really relate to it.

We all face crossroads in life: one of the road is the one your heart tells you to take and other is the one your brain tells you to take. I till date always went with what my heart told but today I followed my mind and it is hurting because ultimately it is the heart that rules over our mind and body.

I know some decisions are tough. It might be really hurting but take it if you know it will be good for many people and by taking the first option you will hurt many people but taking the second you will hurt just a few that too for just for sometime.

But, ensure whatever decision you make never repent for it again and again and let it go. spread your wings and fly, may be, today the wind is not in your favour, but, tommorow you will reach your coast safely and happilly ever after!!



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