The Story Moves On….!!

Hi! friends its been long since I last posted. Life has been so busy, was just too occupied to get here and post. Still, as I am here so lets wish u all a very happy new year. Evey year brings us on a juncture of life wherein we either have thousands of memories to think about and millions of new ones ahead to live. No matter how bad the last year might have been, no matter how many people we lost still a new year certainly brings a smile on your face. If it does not for you then no worries, just be calm and keep living. Sooner or later situations will get better, you will start laughing and enjoying it to the fullest.

Last year for me was mixed- many new friends made, saw some real faces, parted ways, left home and lost my mother. But, at the end, it all came to a halt and the numbers changed, nights changed into days and darkness into light and I survived through all the pain.

I am here writing to just tell you all that when we live in moments we at times feel tensed, scared, sad, and we tend to react to such situations in a manner that we at times repent for it in future. I just believe life is one awesome gift by God that it has the power to help you through it, to make you laugh again, to make u smile again. So, I can only tell you all for this year just stop worrying a lot about things that doesn’t go your way, stop worrying about the small things in life. I know it’s tough for you when you are in that situation but the fact is with time it all comes to an end and you will smile again.

Wishing the whole world and whoever reads my blog A very Happy new year!!!!

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