Part of a Puppet Show

Every day as I open my eyes, I know I need to rush and meet the deadlines. Classes, assignments, tests and within that fights, anger, talks. Somewhere we all are rushing in our lives. Life has become nothing more than a puppet show. puppets work for others, they change according to their controller, it’s like if I have the thread in my hand I control you.

Do we really think that do I want to behave in a way or do we just do it to please the other person? Always planning and plotting to get things in our favour? We are puppets of a system and believe what the system tells us to believe. We perceive 100% of a community is bad according to the observation that 99% are bad. We are puppets because we don’t take a stand and say yes this is wrong and just say yes to everything put forward.

At times, I also become a puppet of this world, wherein I land up being a way because I belong to a family that has a thinking or I live in a social set up where it is a norm. We are scared to raise our point when we know maximum people think in a particular way we stop our thought process to become a part of a particular group.

For me, I just don’t want to be a puppet rather be the part of 1% people who has her own values, own morals and own idols and she does not just say but preaches it too

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