It’s Raining Outside!

I lived my childhood days in a city that is still known for its beauty- beauty of people, and nature. Pune became a part of me right since I lived my first monsoons in the city. The rain, the cleanse it filled in the air, the cold breeze, first drops of rain on parched earth gave that immense scent, it filled my life with a smile.

Monsoons have forever been one season I loved most, sitting next to the window with a cup of chai (tea) or coffee, while something hot and spicy being cooked in the kitchen. what is better than the pyaaz ka pakora, or the Indian burger “vada-pav”. Life was awesome. Travelling down to Mahabaleshwar or Lonavala or just a nearby fort added to the delight. That was me and my time in the city I love the most.

How do I today remember all this? Sitting in Delhi, watching how the rains here have brought life to action gives me pleasure. For one day, at least I could live all those days that I spent in Pune monsoons.

Monsoons give a glitz to my life, an added glamour. The water droplets wash away the pain of nature, it unleashes the elegance of nature, the colours that bring life back. It teaches me no matter how tough life is, God will shower his blessings and revive us again. Feel the air, it makes me more confident and pushes me to achieve all my dreams.

Hope it does to you too!!!!


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