The Rare Experience

L-6 Hauz Khas Enclave…..I am here sitting in my pg room and typing out the story that I wanted to share from a very long time. A big society covered in greenery, large trees and the lovely scent of the Jasmine flower that makes me feel the nature every night as I walk down the lane with my school friend. It was just a coincidence that got me here to spend one month of my journey with her. We are here for a year, but, never able to meet so the luck played its trump card and got me to Hauz Khas.

Every morning walking down the lane, reaching the circle that is identified as the Chor Minar by the archaeological dept of India and then taking the left to catch the auto to my office where I was doing my internship. It was not a pain though but the thought of me living independently in a city I never thought to stay in. I gave a pat on my back for it. My experience was tough, I didn’t do exactly what I wished to, but got in touch with awesome people around, broke my barriers to talking to strangers, made my old bonds stronger and spent some lovely memorable time with a lost bond.

I learnt I experienced, I have memories that I can share. Because it does not matter how bad you are facing. Experiences at the end are experiences be it bad good or even worse, it does count.


Pic Courtesy Google Images


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