A piece of a cake

Somewhere down the lane, narrow streets, lightings, she crossed the lane, small eyes with glittering dreams, holding her father as she crossed the busy street. All happy, in her new clothes, she knew the surprise that was just a few steps by. As the door of the pastry shop was pushed open, she jumped to check on the flavours. A small girl looking for her birthday cake. she flipped through the pages of flavours, shapes, cartoons, her favourite mickey and mini too got rejected. Finally, a white princess’s castle made her eyes sparkle in joy. The cake was for her 5th birthday. She laughed in joy. The innocence of a child just poured from her eyes.

‘A piece of a cake’ is not just about a simple sweet dish that we all enjoy eating. For me it is a little more- I believe everyone is a part of a big cake.  The cake symbolises our sweet, happy family that always holds us forever.  The piece is a part of the whole but at the same time, it has the ability to attract millions of eyeballs even when served in pieces.

I think all of us should be like a piece of a cake, sweet tasty happy when complete and have the power to behold when alone. We need to have the qualities, build over them to survive, to make ourselves shine in the light of success, pride and occasions. Life is tough and in the long run, we all need to be complete with or without anybody, Just like a piece of a cake

So keep smiling

Cheer up and a Big Hi to all…..!!!!



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