I am a girl

I aspire to be what I want, to live the way I want, with whomever I want….But the question is who is holding these aspirations “a girl” or a “boy” because life and its people treat differently to both humans.  I am a girl and people question my presence- yes they do.

Nobody knows what I have faced, what has made me the way I am , what is going in my head, how scared I am to take a step but people do have issues regarding my dreams, my life, my decisions, my clothes, my weight, my looks, my career. They don’t realise what goes behind making a girl what she is . Yes, i have faced a lot and I don’t compare with anyone else. People must have faced more than me or everyone must have faced equally but for me I am the actor in my perspective.

I am scared, I know how to be strong, I am helpless, I know how to help, I am worried, I know how to be happy, I have problems, I know how to find the solutions. But when I don’t know how to, I am scared and I get angry, I get sad don’t question me- accept me because there is a past behind me being the way  I am.


Pic courtesy:  imaginequotes.com



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