Water dew

Dew on a white noon with shining light.

The sky so foggy.

Dry leaves getting green.

Buildings, roads and cars,

all appear so wetly.

With Sun not giving a glimpse,

sadness seems so cleanse.

Slumbering on my bed inside,

I see hours fleeting with time.

Trying to hold it in my palm, but it races out like dunes of sand.

It happened but not for me,

I wanted but it was never mine.

With the baby crying the next door,

I know the feeling she conceals.

Not knowing the world outside,

she cries, smiles and prays along

It is a natural beauty.

I feel the melancholy.

As I pack my bags again,

I feel the pain.

Pain which had once subsided down.

It’s here to roll on.

Sorrow and lust all that it got.

Life is just a fading delusion.

We leave the way we came once.

Then, why these emotions keep burning us?

When we know the fire will destroy.

We will be nothing more than filth.

Then, why this sadness end us?

When we know the ending will come.

Still, someone’s tears makes us cry.

Even when we know its counterfeit,

as time will heal the happenings of past.

Even when aware of it,

the dew on a snowy noon

makes us happy all this while.


Pic Courtesy: Shutterstock


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