Shy 2 Sky

14 years back, a small-town school girl shifted to a big city of Maharashtra, she was gloomed to the huge buildings, new people, exciting places and shops. On her first day of school she was really scared to see every girl and boy so open to everyone, she was shy to even say a simple hello. Sparkling white skirt and house coloured t-shirt of some river called ‘Chenab’, strap of yellow colour showcasing the same. First day for her was like a big zoo where every kid looked like a Lion and she felt she was a Mouse. 

Today, she stands infront of same no. Of people in another city of a different state in India and if you see her now you won’t believe that she was the same girl. Life has made her strong, practical and bold. She speaks, she makes her presence felt without speaking much. She has her views, she has her name shining.

She was shy and now sky is no limit for her. All I want to say from this very short story that we all can overcome our weaknesses with time just have to keep pushing ourselves. No one else will do it for you, be your own motivator.


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