Life Through My Spectacles

It was the end of 4th standard 2004 April when I for the first time encountered an eye doctor. With huge torch and black round glass samples to check eye power. It took me very less time to remember exactly those letters. The last line of the letters was never visible to me. 

But, forget this, Life through my spectacles is much above this incident. Every morning when I wake up I see a world standing infront of me. They all are either older or younger to me. All seem to me like cartoon characters of the 90s like the Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, Oswald, Pikachu and many more….It is nothing less than a Disney world.

They all are on an adventure ride, running on the busy streets, talking on mobile, rushing for work, home, or some necessary purchases. Everyone shouting on each other…..some are the sellers some the buyers. Some are the big people and some the small labourers. Still, with so many people infront.. the striking part is how this world has never become small to inhabit all

May be we don’t consider everyone a part of our lives but God has given this world for all. God has created a Mary gold ride for all. For us everyone is different for him everyone is a human being without any religion, caste, colour, age barriers.


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