Death & Dreams

“The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live”– Norman Cousins

It was a beautiful summer morning when I pulled my mother’s cheeks and kept irritating her, pulling her back from her own world and bringing her to reality. I kept telling her Mum I love you, Mum I love you……she did not listen at first but sooner she gave a look of getting angry on me and asked kya hua? (what happened?). I said mum I love you, finally, she replied back I love you too, I kissed her and got back to my usual lazy day. 

Who knew that it was the last time that I heard those three words from her, quite unaware of the fact that the dusk will bring her death. 

Death and Dreams are two parts of our own lives: Death of a loved one, changes us forever, because we know no matter how tough any situation will be nothing is tough than death, and we even know that we need to smile for that loved one who has left us but is somewhere still looking at us. Dreams are those small things of life, short emotional feelings that we as humans tend to ignore in life. We tend to tell everyone apart from our own family that we love them a lot. We keep looking for our stupid crushes, find love in new relations and forget the real true love. 

Today even though I don’t have my mum, I feel happy that before she left at least I spent time with her and told her that mum I do love you. Many of us fail to do so in our busy lives

Don’t let the feelings die inside you, don’t let yourself die inside you, go say to people who are important to you that you love them. After all, it won’t cost you much and I bet it is more worth than any other feeling or work. 

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