Negatives to Positives

A flower dries over time and new flowers take their place similarly some relations die with time and you have to make way for new ones. Unplanned decisions, unplanned outcomes and some conflicting views- this is all that I stacked with myself when I left home 6 months ago. I had this miserable feeling that things are not right, the place I am going to is not for me, all I would find is a bunch of miserable crab mentality humans. But, things are turning out way too different than what I thought.

Yes, I do have 90% people who are not good, still, I do have 10% who are just enough for my smooth sail. Life is unexpected, life is tragic, you don’t always get what you want, you cannot hold on relations, all that you can do is find new people, make relations and build it over time. Be the reason for someone’s happiness, be the name that people remember, be the person whom they will cherish that they met in their life.

The world is bad but there are good things too; if there are devils, there are angels too. If roses have thorns it has beautiful petals and scent too. The power to realise and figure the good things is in the hands of the traveller. The power to move from negatives to positives is your choice. The choice to build relations is in your hands, decide whom you want whom you do not.

Relations are a gift, live them, grow with them but never lose your individuality while searching for new relations or being in a relation. Be who you are, if someone really wants you they will surely be there with you. Be a free bird, open your wings fly high! Reach the sky! Say goodbye to the hell and welcome the heaven above!


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