Life is like Travelling!

I have always been very serious towards every incident that I have lived or encountered. I have enjoyed my happiness, I have cried in my pain and I have felt my dreams in sleep. I believe life is like a travel book, not so simple still not that complicated, not so easy still not that rough. It is like you are travelling, trespassing through various landscapes. Some dirty roads, full of rocky beds symbolising your pains your barriers, some smooth paths symbolising happiness and success, some high altitudes symbolising all up moments of life, some plain  areas depicting peace and tranquillity.

Isn’t it beautiful, God has designed our world exactly the way he has thrown challenges to us. The green grasslands, the blue sky, the wilderness, the rugged roads and high peaks. Travelling through all the barriers and hurdles what we reach is our destination.

No one ever ponders on this thought- for what we took all the pain, for what? Is it worth crying in difficult times, is it worth getting tensed. My answer to it is Yes! It is all of these emotions that add to the destination that you reach at the end. It is like those unplanned holidays that we go for. where you are unaware, where you don’t know about your next halt? or what will you eat on way? and when will you reach? Life is just a travel, live it travel through it, take it as it comes to you. Let bygones be bygones, love your life to the moon and back!!!!

I definitely love it…..Hope you love it too!!!!



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