The Undiscovered Identity

How many of us have the strength to accept our weaknesses? How many of us have the willpower to overcome our fears? How many of us ever think about facing the truth? But surely many of us do get killed within from minor issues of life that almost any and everybody faces. It is just an illusion of emotions that make us think that it is just me!

Fear is one thing within every human that makes us afraid to attempt anything in life. Actually fear isn’t anything negative but it is we who see it as one. Fear to reveal the truth, fear to accept reality, fear to adventures, fear to speak in public. These are just some kinds, there are many others one could build up with time. But, what it leads to at the end is an undiscovered Identity. It is that part of ourselves that remain behind the shield of dreadful fright.

This is certainly not what we inherited in us from birth, it is a harsh gift to us from our growing years. It is we who decide that a particular thing, particular place or particular adventure is scary, failing to realise the whole bunch of amazing glories that beheld behind this False sheet. As children, do you remember being scared of anything yourself unless somebody told you don’t touch it it will bite you, don’t do this it will hurt you? No, we never cared as a child what we did? how did we do it? For us, all that mattered was that we had fun doing it.

I remember my childhood days, where I didn’t mind speaking in class, or speaking to the masses, or doing all scary things of climbing a tree, jumping from the edge of a terrace and landing rightly on the terrace below, I remember times when it didn’t bother me to get hurt, times when I went out alone even giving a second thought that I am not safe. But, growing up does make you weak, one sometimes loses the zeal and confidence of a child that once they were.

This is a reason that people say, “Never lose the child within you” life is fearful, life is scary but life can be made beautiful with a heart and mind of a child whose head is held high and fearless.

The aim is to remove fear and discover your undiscovered Identity. A self that will lead you to the pillars of success. Discover your talent leaving behind your weaknesses.

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