Are You Flawless?

A question that always linger in my mind is to ask a bunch of girls around me that Aare you flaw less? Meaning don’t you possess any flaws as you always hold the right to bitch about every other person.

Today I just wanted to pen down  my experience that I face on a daily basis, may be anyone of you reading this also might have gone through. Even a guy would definitely agree to this. I completed my bachelor’s from amity Lucknow. I left Lucknow with a basket full of memories. Memories of true friendships, long relationships, fun, outings and a lot more incidents. I adore the people I met there and I love all of them.

Then came a day when I decided to join Amity Noida, frankly I had no wish to but I had to. Sometimes destiny and fate takes a toll on your plans and you tend to do things you never want to. So I came here. I hated Noida from a long time- reasons quite unknown. Never lived here, never met people here but had this peculiar thinking about the kind of people here. Still, i was here with a thought that I might be proved wrong, but my faith has been made stronger. All that i get to hear around is gossips about the other person, bitching about every second person, secrets and hatred.

Every person isn’t perfect, every person cannot be the way u want them to be. When the other person isn’t doing any harm to you then why make fun of him/her. Why unnecessarily gossip about matters that doesn’t involve you. A person is the way he/she is, he is weird, she refused to do things her wish, he likes a girl or not; his liking, he speaks in a certain manner; his mouth, she likes to dress up in a certain way; her money- stop judging people, start accepting them. If we cannot accept someone then better that We mind our own business.

If u cannot make it a better place atleast don’t make it worst.

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